Slip Proof Loops

Comfort Fit

High Quality Silicone

Confident Storage


I love my Airband so much, I’m not sure what I ever did without it.  No more searching for my missing AirPod or fishing through pockets.  The reality is, there is no better home for AirPods than the Airband. 


Just received mine, it’s perfect! The loops are tight enough to hold the AirPods in place, while also easy for the AirPods to push in and pull out. And the white colour is so good! Thank you for this. 


Got my band today! They already have been quite useful. Didn’t even realize I was using them until I was sitting in a waiting room and my AirPods were with me ready to use!


Previously I have been using those add-ons which slips onto the Apple Watch strap, but they won’t stay in place well, especially when inserting or removing the pods (which is a chore). These on the other hand work great. Love the seamless/integrated look as well.


About the Founder Matt Youngblood

Matt got his start in the business world running various parts of a small high tech business startup where he gained knowledge and experience with overseas manufacturing. He got his bachelor's degree in business management from Texas A&M University and an MBA from Baylor’s Executive MBA program in Austin, TX. Matt has always been impressed with Apple's simple design style which inspired him to create the AirBand.